Before & After

All Points Boats:

Before: The customers in this industry can be very visual and this previous site did not showcase the capabilities, finished work or equipment of the client. The website was also looked outdated and unprofessional and did not enhance credibility of the company at first impression.

After: The new website showcased their finished work better, and it was designed to enable customers to see finished work, work in process and tools. It also more clearly outlined the services offered sand ultimately showed All Points Boats as the professional, credible company it is.

Concrete Cutting & Breaking:

Before: The color scheme of the site did not allow visitors to properly read the information. Also, the information on the website was not properly organized so that visitors could get the information needed quickly. Lastly, the previous company did not help the client build brand awareness via the website.

After: The new website features proper navigation tabs that make the website easy to navigate. It also features a drop down tab to easily highlight project spotlights and videos on the home page to easily showcase what they do and how. Lastly, the company brand is properly accentuated by a more prominent logo and company colors incorporated on the website.

Connective Electric:

Before: The average visitor visiting the website was bombarded with too much information right on the home page. The website had great information at the expense of aesthetics.

After: : The new website needed to be much cleaner, better organized and appealing to all three customer groups.

Home Run real Estate:

Before: The website was great for showcasing “what” they did but not so great at actually helping them do it. It readily had information about the company and what services were offered but did not immediately help visitors utilize those services.

After: The website IMMEDIATELY helps the visitor achieve the reason they most likely visited the site, and IMMEDIATELY helps the client generate leads and inquiries for their core competency.

Japanese Auto Repair:

Before: The website did not appeal to the target market. The target market was interested in availability of immediate help, social media capabilities and a sense of immediate credibility as a Japanese care shop.

After: The new website makes it very easy to schedule an appointment; it focuses on the cars not the shop brand and is easier to navigate.

Parrot Lounge:

Before: The old website did not highlight the unique history and sense o community that was an asset for the Parrot Lounge. It only had 3 navigation tabs and did not have a way for visitors to quickly find the specials that the Parrot Lounge is known for. It also did not have a sense of brand identity.

After: The new website features a “specials” section where visitors can quickly identify the current specials. It also showcases the lounge’s history, and features significant improvement in brand identity with the installation of a new logo.

Residential Savings Mortgage:

Before: People are not usually excited about the paperwork and reading that occurs during the home buying or mortgage process. The website was plains and unappealing. It was a double whammy. An unappealing website for an unappealing process.

After: The new website is more professional, Inviting not intimidating. It also features a “Call to action” right on the home page that invites the visitor to engage with the company right away.

Tropical Marketing:

Before: The website provided good information but looked dated. It also did not quickly highlight eye catching information like the statistics that make their service important.

After: We designed a website that was more current, highlighted the statistics that make their services important, and incorporated social media icons.

United Utility Services:

Before: The old website did not visually highlight the range of specialties. It needed to be better organized and cleaner.

After: The new website features bigger and cleaner images of the areas of specialization, and looks/feels more professional and current with better organized information.

Zaino Jet:

Before: The Zaino Jet experience is a unique experience that most people don’t know about. Unfortunately, the website did not immediately highlight the experience and it did not cause instant desire to partake of that experience..

After: The new website highlights the experiencing of riding a Zaino Jet and creates an immediate desire to partake of the experience. Now the visitor to the site immediately knows what the experience is like and wants to partake.