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Email Marketing is an additional way to help gain more customers or reach out to current customers.Florida Design helps manage this process by offering:

Email Marketing Template Creation
Monthly Newsletter
Full Tracking & Report
Analysis & Reporting
Full Service Email Marketing

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Email marketing is typically used for engagement, but if you use it more creatively for SEO purposes, you can get more out of your marketing than you can imagine. That’s right, the ROI on your email marketing would be worth every penny of your time and resources.
To get both engagement and visibility, here are five ways to make your email marketing SEO friendly:

1. Make newsletters go public
Why is it that newsletter content is only confined to your email inbox. Why not let them breathe fresh air on your blog page – turn the content into a blog and make it go live. If you do not have enough content on your newsletter to turn it into a blog, add a couple of them to make it into one blog. All you have to focus on is writing an SEO friendly copy for your email content. This way, your content would reach a larger audience. Google crawlers will surely take notice of this, thus, increasing your visibility. Another way to make your email content go public is by archiving newsletters. Directly take all your emails online, where people can find it using relevant keyword search. Moreover, you can link your blog page from your email archive page, this way it diverts the traffic to your website.

2. Canonicalization
Once your newsletters are archived, make sure you add canonical tags. Insert it into the HTML coding of your
newsletter archive page. Here’s code sample of how to put the tag in. Many times, Google crawlers pick up the wrong URL due to similarity in content. Canonicalization makes it simple for search engines to get the right URL by managing duplicate content. What that means is that canonical tags help you tell Google which version of the URL needs to appear in search results. This is important since you do not want your archive page and blog page to get mixed up just because they might have similar content.

3. Take customer reviews
Ever seen those survey emails, asking for your feedback. You probably wouldn’t have realized that those
questionnaires are being used to improve one’s local search rankings. Many businesses are more dependent on how they rank locally (within a certain radius of an area) than how they rank overall.

4. Inbound link
Inbound links are one of the foremost factors in deciding the vitality of your SEO. You have to be smart with these links while you make sure that all of them are directed to your website. The more inbound links you have the higher is your Domain Authority (DA). It’s a tool designed by Moz, which rates your website from 1-100, the closer you are to a century, the better is your SEO position.
For example, you have a research paper that needs to be promoted. Create an email campaign, where you send the research report to bloggers. So when they write a blog, they refer to your research paper thereby providing a link to your site.

5. More text, less images
Coming back to your archived newsletter, remember to use more of text than images. It does go against popular belief that email newsletter needs to be less on the text side and more focused on the image – for instant user attention. This principle is great only when your newsletter is confined to your inbox, but once they are in the public domain, they need to be majority text based, filled with rich keywords. It makes it easy for archived email content to rank higher finding out.

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